- Computers connected to the University's data network must have an IP address (computer identifier within the Internet) beginning with 163.117. At this time, the IP address of your computer is:

- To connect a computer located outside the University to the UC3M data network, it is necessary to establish a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The recommended way to do it is indicated in this guide (in Spanish) and is also explained in this video (in Spanish).

- Some Apple (MacOS) computers experience problems connecting to the University's VPN when the connection is made following the recommended procedure. To resolve the problem, please follow these steps.

- First, if you have set up the VPN as recommended, check if you have the following options checked. If not, check them, restart your computer and try connecting again..

- If after restarting the computer and re-establishing the VPN with these options you are still outside the University's network, please follow these steps.

- Some network operators limit by default some VPN connections on their newer routers, especially 5G routers. Please check with your operator to see if you have any such limitations in place. It may tell you that your institution needs to have IPSEC traffic enabled to make use of VPN.

- If none of the above solutions solved the problem, you can still establish another type of VPN by installing Tunnelblick program. Please follow the instructions below. Please read them carefully before you start. Once the program is installed and before opening it for the first time, it is important that you download a configuration file beforehand.

For any questions, contact the Library's Electronic Resources Service.